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A New Light on Life

Novatrans Group presents a new roadmap to capturing the last gap in the electromagnetic spectrum – the Terahertz (THz). Novatrans is an emerging technology company developing next generation hi-frequency and hi-power chips and systems based on THz technology. This noble technology branched out of the Weizmann Institute of Science, and is developed in Israel. The technology carries the electronics industry forward by developing new superfast Novatron transistors encapsulated in Novatrans’ TeraChips that create the THz invisible light. This nanotechnology platform is projected to lead an entire industry which is expected to be at $10-15B in 2025. Novatrans exit strategy will be executed via its vertical applications spin-offs, JVs and industrial clusters.

Terahertz Light: A Disruptive Market Force

Novatrans was incorporated in 2003 with the goal of commercializing the super fast Novatron transistor, which was invented by Prof. Ron Naaman, Prof. Leeor Kronik and Erez Halahmi from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. As Novatrans evolved, it has developed a Terahertz spectroscopy system (TeraSystem) to facilitate the commercialization of its disruptive TeraChip technology, while building mass-production capabilities. Novatrans strategy is focused on commercializing its technology, while building a strong IP portfolio in Terahertz technology and collaborating with strategic industrial partners in a plethora of industry clusters to develop and commercialize specific THz-based applications and products, in various markets.

TeraChip: Beyond Semiconductors

TeraChip is the first cost-effective, commercially-viable, high-performance and high-power Terahertz transistor. TeraChip brings vacuum electronics back to life, and will extend Moore’s Law into a new generation of beyond-silicon processing power. TeraChip features a revolutionary photo-nano vacuum tube, in a state-of-the-art architecture that harnesses the power of ballistic electrons moving freely between diodes in a frictionless nano dimension, excited by photoelectric effect without heat generation. In addition to generating and detecting superior Terahertz frequencies, TeraChip dramatically increases the speed of data processing and communications bandwidth – with potentially dramatic impact on semiconductor transistors and the electronics industry as a whole.

Spectrum THz

Creating the Terahertz Ecosystem

Building on the TeraChip platform, Novatrans has adopted a comprehensive vertical strategy to create new markets in the Terahertz ecosystem. Leveraging proprietary development and mass wafer-level fabrication capabilities, Novatrans collaborates with the world’s most-recognized names in technology and industry to jointly bring our THz systems to a wide variety of markets. Novatrans is currently launching its first Terahertz application spin-offs with a number of strategic industrial partners.

Seasoned Management, Solid Science

Branched out of the distinguished Weizmann Institute of Science in 2003 and privately-held, Novatrans is headquartered in Israel, with a production facility in Germany. Driven by over a decade of cutting-edge research and engineering by world-renowned scientists, Novatrans owns 30 granted patents and dozens of patent applications. Novatrans’ multidisciplinary management brings broad experience and proven records of success in global technological markets.

Defining the Future of Electronics

You might not find the word TeraChip in your standard dictionary just yet, and the brand Novatrans has yet to become a household name. But if you browse through the following pages, we will define for you what promises to be the next breakthrough in harnessing the power of the electromagnetic spectrum. We’ll explore an idea with tangible applications that stretches over wide wavelengths and as far as your imagination will take you. Welcome to the big world of nano-sized photo vacuum tubes. In our dictionary, that simply means innovation, redefined.